Welcome to Resonate, our place for all things audio.

A place for music to be made, a place for voices to be heard, and a place to honor timeless art of the past, while putting heart and soul into creating vibrant art of the future. Music that strikes a chord. Art that rings true. Sound that resonates.

We consider our place of business to be a boutique music and post production environment, and we'd like to think that the Resonate recording studios are among the finest such facilities in the world. Great care has been taken to create an environment which is a bold re-imagining of the typical audio studio of years past. Gone are the dark, claustrophobic rooms and hallways, replaced by open spaces boasting natural light, fresh air and an overall design aesthetic firmly envisioned in the here and now.

At Resonate, we are deeply inspired by the promises made by each generation's great artists. You may be a Beatles fan, a Marley fan, or perhaps Dylan, Michael, Hank or Miles. Or, you may be more in tune with the work of Brando, Garland, Coppola or Kubrick. There are so many to admire. Whatever your muse, we want to see you connect with your audience in the same deeply emotional way. As you take your place in our studios, we hope that your voice may resonate physically, so that your art may resonate emotionally. They're counting on you. And so are we.

So, get to it. Make your own promise. Welcome to Resonate.


The Resonate facility is fully SAG/AFTRA approved for both in-person and remote sessions. Each member of our team has undergone training and has become a Certified Covid Compliance Officer. Please inquire for our latest COVID-19 Policy PDF.