The Resonate Building is a gorgeous space featuring sandblasted brick walls and a vaulted wood bow truss ceiling, lit naturally via skylights and windows by day, with projection systems and light installations bringing the feel of a chic nightclub at night.

Because of its open architecture, the crisp interior styling and modern materials and fixtures, the building is perfect for "location events". Events such as a location shoot, an industry gathering or wrap party, a corporate event, a private party of some kind, the shooting of BTS footage or a filmed interview or a music video or even a fashion spread. You get the picture.

So if you have a similar need, give us a call. Send us an email. Drop us a line. Let us host your next location event.   - Freeway Access: We are roughly two blocks off of the 5 freeway's Verdugo and Olive exits and situated on the northwest corner of San Fernando and Santa Anita, in the heart of Burbank's Media District.

  • Building Access: The resonate property actually encompasses two buildings joined at one wall. The main building, fully built out and featured in the "Gallery" section of this website, is 4,000 sf (80' x 50'). The second building, which is a raw warehouse serviced by a garage door, is 1,400 sf (40' x 35') and can easily serve as a storage or staging area for your event. The main building has access from three sides; the front (east) door on San Fernando, the north door which opens to our parking lot and the south door off the kitchen which accesses Santa Anita Blvd. Please note the basic building floorplan included below.

  • Parking: On site, we have a parking lot that is 40' x 45'. This can be used as overflow area for your party (tented, if you prefer) or as the catering/craft services area. Alternatively, it can be used to park your Star Wagon(s) or power generator. There is a large empty lot one door up the street that can be rented for additional parking.

  • Catering/Craft Services: Can be set up in the parking lot or on Santa Anita with easy access to the kitchen through our South Entrance. An alley behind the building can also be used for barbecue cooking. Or, we can suggest restaurants in the area which can help with your location event.

  • Event planners: We work with several off-site Event Planners that we can suggest for your next gathering of any kind.