Well, goodness.

We have been involved with music projects for the last nearly forty years, both here at Resonate and at our old Hollywood spot, Image Recording.

Music projects of all kinds. Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, R&B, Rap and HipHop.

Grammy winners. Emmy winners. Oscars. Tec Awards.

Looking back, we are extremely proud.

Looking forward, we are even prouder.

For musicians, the Resonate Building is a breath of fresh air, literally, as our windows actually open to let it in. And the dark, claustrophic hallways of the mid-1900's have been replaced by natural light during the day, turning into an ultra chill vibe with light installations and mystery by night.

The Resonate building was designed in a very unique and flexible way; two Control Rooms, each with an Isolation Booth to the side, with all rooms looking out to our Great Space. The Great Space most often serves as our main common area, where people gather, lounge and snack. But when the music calls for it, the Great Space becomes a large Tracking Room, with the two Isolation Booths and whichever Control Room is not driving the session joining in.

We offer a selection of very high end tube microphones, as well as many of the fine condensors being made today, with the occasional vintage ribbon or fun specialty. Our preamp selection includes Neve, Focusrite, Millennia Media, API, among others, and our outboard is similarly high end boutique, with names like Manley, Fearn, Tubetech, and vintage Urei. All conversion into the digital realm is handled by Antelope Orion 32HD systems. Our computers are fully outfitted Mac Pro 2020 with ample ram, storage and video capability.

Our monitors are medium sized nearfield Westlake Lc3W12's with Genelec subs. These monitors are perfect for the work that we do and for giving you the acccurate sonic information you want. While they may not satisfy those who prefer massive speaker systems with earthquake subs that pump out audio at jet-plane levels, they will provide detailed audio at robust but not ear-damaging volume.

So, to recap:

  • Two individual Control Rooms, each with its own 15' x 15' Isolation Booth and Lounge.

  • Flexible design - the two Control Rooms face each other across a 20' x 40' Great Space, which can be used for tracking from either Control Room.

  • During tracking, the second Control Room and its¬†Studio¬†can become extra isolation rooms, so you have the Great Space and three booths. Killer.

  • Rolling rack of 18 Neve 1059 Mic Pre's puts them right out there with the musicians for short cable runs. Add our 1272's and 1073's as needed.

  • When not in use for Tracking, the Great Space becomes our Common Area, great for lounging on our Fatboys, surfing, noshing and sipping.

  • Natural light throughout the building by day. A totally cool, chic nightclub feel at night. Light installations. Projection systems. Multiple lounges.