To consider Resonate a full-fledged Post House would be a disservice to the many great Audio Post facilities who have been handling many Audio Post projects and processes far longer than we. Our speciatlies in this area are:

• Vocal or music recording and mixing for any visual media

• Dialogue recording in its many forms

• Smaller scale post production projects.

Calling upon our nearly forty year history recording and mixing many of the world's most respected musical talent, let's say that we have anything musical covered. If your project is musical in nature, we are a perfect fit.

Similarly, we believe that our dialogue recordings are as good as any in town. Dialogue for Animation. Dialogue for Documentaries. Dialogue for Advertising. Looping.

Towards that end, our Booths are quiet, and extremely comfortable. Each is capable of handling up to four Talent on separate mics or up to a dozen or so in Loop Group (well, once COVID is in our past). We are ready to integrate your capture camera system and can provide LTC easily.

In regards to what we consider "smaller scale Post Production projects", we are often called upon to provide complete Post Audio sweetening and mixing for Documentaries, Awards Shows (in both cases, especially those that include music that requires mixing), Reality TV, Interviews, Indie Films and those projects that don't require the major Post Facilities that cater more to large scale Motion Picture and Television projects. We think you will appreciate the attention we can give to those diminutive projects that you consider "your baby". Let's talk.

In addition to industry standards such as Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH416 and DPA4080, we offer a selection of very high end tube microphones, as well as some vintage ribbons. Our preamp selection includes Neve, Focusrite, Millennia Media, API, among others, and our outboard is similarly high end boutique. All conversion into the digital realm is handled by Antelope Orion 32HD systems. Our computers are fully outfitted Mac Pro 2020 with ample ram, storage and video capability.