At Resonate, we do it all. Tracking, Overdubbing, Editing, and Mixing. We've given birth to literally hundreds of Gold, Platinum and Diamond Albums, both here and at our old Hollywood joint, Image Recording. Countless of them have gone on to win Grammy's, Oscars and Emmy's. We've won two Tec Awards for our work with The Dave Matthews Band and Green Day. And to top it all off, we're still having one heck of a lot of fun over here!

Please check out our bullet points below, visit our Studio A and Studio B links above, and let us make your next project amazing.


- Two individual studios, each with its own Control Room, 15' x 15' Recording Studio and lounge.

- Innovative design - the two Control Rooms face each other across a 20' x 40' "Great Space", which can be used for tracking from either Control Room.

- During tracking, the second Control Room and its Studio can become extra iso rooms, so you have the Great Space and three booths. Killer.

- Rolling rack of 18 Neve 1059 Mic Pre's puts them right out there with the band for short cable runs. Add our 1272's and 1073's as needed.

- When not in use for Tracking, the Great Space becomes our Common Area, great for lounging on our Fatboys, surfing, noshing and sipping.

- Natural light throughout the building by day. A totally cool, chic nightclub feel at night. Light installations. Projection systems. Multiple lounges.

- For booking info: Please call us at 818-567-2700.

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